About Gothia Science Park

Gothia Science Park is a technology and research park with IT profile. It consists of activities, processes, environments and individuals. In our innovation environment businesses grow faster and more sustainably, which contributes to regional attractiveness as well as regional growth. GSP's main areas are linked to the University of Skövde with focus on Simulation, System support for decision and Games for Entertainment and Training.


GSP is an environment created for growth and innovation with the support of IT and technology, and is for companies and organisations located within our environment as well as the surrounding business community. Development projects within collaborations between companies, academia and the community are essential for creating knowledge and competence development that strengthens the companies of the Skövde region, irrespective of industry.


Skövde is an important junction and the regional centre in Region Västra Götaland. Your customers reach Skövde Resecentrum (central train/bus station) by high-speed rail from Gothenburg or Stockholm in only one or two hours respectively. Then, it’s simply a five minute walk before they step into your office. Customers in the Skövde region can reach your office quickly and easily by both car and public transport thanks to short commuting distances.


The University of Skövde is our closest neighbour and an important partner to the technology and research park, both as a recruitment base for a qualified and competent workforce in the form of talented students and for applied and market-related research that contributes to product development and helps in gaining competitive advantage. The University’s focus areas are within information technology, visualisation and optimisation, among other things.