Gifted employees to suit your needs

Having a qualified and competent workforce is a competitive advantage and a necessity if your company is to expand and develop. At GSP, you have direct contact with the innovation environment’s entrepreneurs, fellow workers and business developers. What’s more, at the University of Skövde, our neighbour, you have the chance to meet talented students for your recruitment needs as well as gifted researchers looking to work together.

At the University of Skövde, there are courses and research conducted within everything from systems science, programming and computer games to industrial engineering, materials science, health care science, economics and leadership. Every year, there’s a rapid stream of newly graduated students who are ready to take on new challenges and who may be dedicated to contributing to the development of your company. And what’s best of all is that you may have already worked together with them through projects and theses.

The University’s research centre sees big opportunities in co-production within applied and market-related research. It creates a solid foundation for scientific and evidence-based product development, which can give your company a competitive advantage.

At Gothia Science Park, you have direct contact with the innovation environment’s other company representatives that represent various competences and fields of knowledge. What they and their colleagues have in common is that they, during a breakfast meeting or in the lift on the way to the office, for example, can and want to share thoughts, ideas and experiences on specific issues.

Growth in companies requires commercial and qualified competence. To help your company develop in the optimum way, there’s access to both business developers and training courses within several business-critical areas, such as economics, sales, organisation, marketing, activity development, Board training, negotiation training and project management training. We also have a broad network of experts and partners working with legal issues and economics.