Meetings for new ideas and innovations

For there to be innovation and development, there’s a need for interaction between people with different competences from different companies and lines of business. Gothia Science Park has specially-designed environments for both organised, goal-orientated meetings as well as spontaneous meetings, for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

New and unexpected cross-references are the seedbeds for exciting ideas. Based on this insight, a range of different activities are continuously being organised that aim to create new meetings as well as both strengthen and develop existing relationships. These activities can be in the form of breakfast meetings, networking activities or open workshops in order to generate new business ideas.

Parts of the physical environment are integrated with process-orientated methods and ways of working that encourage a focus on goals in combination with an awareness of the needs of the customer. This stimulates creative meetings and creates the conditions for the increased flow of ideas, new development projects, new companies in new industries and an increased level of cooperation between industry and trade, academia and the public sphere.